Hello!  My name is Amanda.

I am a textile designer & illustrator, living & working in the Boston area.


I like design that is bright, bold, and colorful (both in pigment & character). 

I have a lifelong love of creative exploration and enjoy incorporating hand-made elements into each illustration, pattern, and design I make. 
In 2015, I launched Revel Revel, a growing collection of printed products, designed and made in New England.  Currently, Revel Revel greeting cards, art prints, and canvas bags featuring my original artwork can be found in 45+ stores in North America.

I have worked on design projects for a variety of clients, from international retailers to local businesses and non-profits.  My artwork and printed patterns can be found on children's apparel, hard & soft home products, boutique branding, stationery, gift wrap, wallpaper, wine labels + more. 


I love creative collaborations and am always up for a new challenge. Please contact me at amandawilliamsgalvin@gmail.com with any creative inquiries.

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new micron pen distraction = lunchtime manicure
Equality is in the air we breathe__#langstonhughes #letamericabeamericaagain
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beautiful day in the neighborhood
So glad to find this Cynthia Rowley tunic featuring my animal pattern at TJMaxx!  It was the last on
I ❤️ making letters_(At which I'm slowly getting better)